Hall VS Thor: The Countdown Is On

As 2020 is coming to an end, it means one thing…the fight of the Century is getting closer and closer!

In September, our very own Eddie ‘the Beast’ Hall will take on Hafthor Bjornsson in what is being described as ‘the heaviest boxing match in history.’ The professional bout will take place in Las Vegas.

Eddie signed the fight contact back in May and said:

“I’m not going to beat around the bush. I’ve got my pen here, I’ve got the contract, and I’m gonna sign it right now… Thor, are you happy? Has your dream come true? You get to go up against the guy that bested you in World’s Strongest Man 2017, the man you called a cheat? I hope you’re happy, ‘cuz I’m happy,” 

hall vs thor

The Beast vs The Mountain

Bjornsson, who played ‘The Mountain’ in Game of Thrones, called out the Beast to a boxing match after he broke the 501kg deadlift world record in May. However, due to coronavirus social distancing rules, Björnsson completed the lift in his home gym and live streamed it online. Eddie was the current 500kg deadlift world record holder.

Hall and Thor are long-term rivals and have both battled in Strongman competitions for a number of years. Bjornsson has finished as a runner-up on the world stage on three occasions, including in 2017 when Eddie won the title. Thor finally claimed victory in 2018.

“September 2021 cannot come quick enough! I am physically and mentally ready for this. I have never been in better shape. I am ready to back up my bull! Bring it on!!!” Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall

Keep an eye out for our exclusive chat with Eddie early next year. We cannot wait for fight not. Big up #thebeast

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